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secure packaging

For damage free transport you should use good packaging. sealing of your packages is very important for the transport safety. For internal packaging . when we packing the product , the packaging contain the separating element to proctect the content from shifting.

packaging options

Dangerous goods are transporting by air, rail and the sea,has become so routine that some of the key safety principles may taken for granted. Due to the packaging failure the dangerous goods incidents are caused, and those failure are usually come from a lack of mis-application in the method of packing. Depending upon goods weight and the size of goods you might use the stable boxes, flexible cover and the envelopes. The stable boxes are made of solid board and the flexible cover made up of wrapping paper.

packaging options table
package size small medium large
Package dimensions 120 x 150 x 178 120 x 150 x 178 120 x 150 x 178
Weight 35 kg 45kg 65kg
Capacity approx 158 units of textile approx 258 units of textile approx 258 units of textile